Public Consultation No. 1

The first non-statutory public consultation on ‘Constraints’ took place between the 27 January 2021 and the 17 February 2021. The purpose of this consultation was to inform the public of the study area for the project, the key constraints identified to date and the programme for advancement of the project. Public consultation forms an important part of advancing the design process towards the development of transport options and allows the involvement of the public in identifying key constraints. Due to COVID-19, Tipperary County Council was unable to hold a public consultation event in-person within the study area for the project. Instead, an online public consultation platform was available here until 17 February 2021 and it contained all the information that would normally be displayed at a formal in-person public consultation.

A copy of all of the consultation material presented at Public Consultation No. 1 is available below in pdf format to download

Public Consultation No 1 – Constraints Consultation Materials:

Brochure (English)
Brochure (Irish)
Information Boards
Constraints Mapping Sheet 1
Constraints Mapping Sheet 2
Constraints Mapping Sheet 3
Feedback Form (English)
Feedback Form (Irish)

The interactive webmap can be viewed here.

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