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Phase 1 is now complete and the project is currently at Phase 2 Option Selection. The purpose of this phase is to examine feasible alternative options to address the transport problems identified during Phase 1 and to determine a Preferred Option for the project. Whilst the need for a project is influenced by Government Policy and all current planning policy, it is also necessary to define the existing problems using quantifiable performance indicators i.e. evidence-based analysis of the transport issues.   All forms of transport and/or other non-road options will be examined as possible alternatives during this phase of the project.

The first non-statutory public consultation on ‘Constraints’ took place between 27 January 2021 to 17 February 2021 and is now complete. The purpose of this consultation was to inform the public of the study area for the project, the key constraints identified to date and the programme for advancement of the project. Public consultation forms an important part of advancing the design process towards the development of transport options and allows the involvement of the public in identifying key constraints. The development of transportation solutions, which could include multiple route corridors is currently underway. It is expected to have potential options identified in late Q2 2021.

Project News and Updates | Issue 01: January 2021

Project News and Updates | Issue 02: April 2021

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